Clean & Clear Workflow From The Start

Progressive’s experienced team of professionals is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your project runs smoothly throughout each stage of the printing process. 

We work with a wide variety of software and platforms, including PC and MAC. This allows us to act as your virtual service bureau.

  • Color reproduction

  • State of the art electronic page assembly

  • Image retouching and special effects pagination

  • Rapid and exacting output

  • Production of the finest halftones, tritones, and quadtones

  • Electronic assembly

Fujifilm’s XMF Workflow system

State of the art automated workflow that provides end-to-end print production management from file submission and job approval to final job layout and print. It is a powerful and flexible production hub designed to meet the production demands of sheetfed and digital print companies.


2 EFI Color proof XF/ Epson 9800 for Imposition Proofing to show backups, crossovers, and critical page layouts.