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ANSWER: MLB was formed in 1903 with the merger of the National League and the American League. The NL, formed in 1876, and the AL, established in 1901, were two separate entities at the time. MLB baseball history and facts tell us that back then, they were engaged in the “baseball war”, characterized by rivalries between the leagues who would often steal players from each other’s squads. The leagues buried the hatched in 1903, though,  leading to the creation of the World Series, where the annual winners from both leagues compete for the title of national champion.

ANSWER: The first fastball Aroldis Chapman fired was in 2010 when he was playing as a rookie relief pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds. MLB facts and trivia show that the fastball clocked at an astounding 105.1 mph. He fired two more pitches like this in his career—one the following year and another when playing against the Yankees.

ANSWER: The 1992 comedy-drama titled A League of Their Own which follows two young women trying to establish the first female professional baseball league, is the highest-grossing baseball-themed movie to this day, with a revenue of $107.5 million. The second place is held by the 2013 biographic drama 42 which managed to make $95 million, followed by the 2011 drama Moneyball in third place, which scored $75.6 million in revenue.

By 1937, printing was the second largest industry in the United States. Due to the abundant water supply available, Dayton was heavily involved in the printing industry. In fact, as it was more cost-effective to print near the location of the paper mills, 25 of Ohio’s 36 paper mills were located right here in the Miami Valley.

The Carillon Historical Park Print Shop is the nation’s only fully operational 1930s letterpress job shop in a museum.

ANSWER: Hitting four home runs in a single game is considered one of a player’s greatest accomplishments. Only 18 players have ever accomplished this record in baseball history. The first one to do so was Bobby Lowe in 1894, while the most recent was J.D. Martinez in 2017. More interesting baseball facts reveal that all of these players have only achieved this record once in their careers. Furthermore, there isn’t a single player in MLB history to hit more than four home runs in a single game.