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ANSWER: According to Major League Baseball facts, every baseball features a rubber or cork core covered in white horsehide or cowhide and has 108 double hand-sewn red stitches with the first and last stitches hidden behind the leather.

ANSWER: Alex Rodriguez not only holds the record for the most grand slams, but he is also the youngest player to reach 500 career home runs. He accomplished this achievement when he was just 32 years old. A-Rod has also hit another record in baseball history by signing two of the most lucrative contracts—the 10-year contract with the Rangers for $252 million and the one with the Yankees for $275 million.

ANSWER: Ty Cobb, nicknamed The Georgia Peach, was one of the first players to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, historical facts reveal. Moreover, he received more votes than any other players on the ballot, i.e. he got 222 votes out of 226 in total. In fact, the percentage of votes he got (98.2%) stood as a record for over 50 years—it was broken in 1992 when Tom Seaver got 98.8% of the vote. Ty Cobb also holds the record for the highest career-hitting average (.366) and the most batting titles (12).

ANSWER: President William Taft, a semi-pro baseball player himself, became the first president to throw a ceremonial first pitch on April 14, 1910. Since then, every president has thrown the first ball on Opening Day. The only exceptions are Jimmy Carter, Donald Trump and Joe Biden.